Focus Home Interactive has acquired The Surge creators Deck13


29, 2020

Focus Home Interactive has picked up Polish developer Deck13, the minds behind sci-fi soulsborne game The Surge. 

The French publisher acquired the company for a total of €7.1 million – around €7.9 million – to gain full control over the developer and its intellectual properties.

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 has a healthy relationship as far as we know. Since 2011, Focus Home has helped the Polish developer bring out a few titles including Lords of the Fallen, The Surge and The Surge 2.

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However, outside of the publisher’s grasp, The Surge developer has helped a few indie games find their way through an in-house publishing firm: Deck13 Spotlight. Crosscode, a  2D action RPG inspired by SNES games, is one high profile title that has benefited from this initiative.

The Spotlight initiative has helped to release games was recently as last month with indie game The Shattering, a first-person psychological thriller. Hopefully, this indie initiative will continue; the now-Microsoft owned Double Fine recently had to close their initiative due to an acquisition. 

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