One of the most interesting features that Google introduced to the Android 10 Update was the Desktop Mode, which provides a desktop environment when you connect your phones to an external display. However, the Desktop Mode in Android Q is experiential and requires some tinkering in the Setting to work. Even if you manage to enable to feature, the experience is not as good as you’d expect from a Google-made software.

Enter Flow Desktop. It’s a new app that is built for Android 10’s Desktop Mode. Flow Desktop provides you a desktop-like UI when you connect your smartphone to an external monitor. You’ll be able to change the screen resolution as well as the density on it. Also, it provides you a start menu, which displays all the apps that are installed on your smartphone. At the bottom, you have the taskbar, where you’ll find options to turn on Bluetooth, WiFi, Sound, and more(via XDA).

The app is in the developmental phase, so it’s likely that you’ll come across some glitches here and there. But for the most part, the experience appears to be good. See the below video to see how the feature works.

Unfortunately, the app currently works only on OnePlus 7T Pro and Essential Phone PH1, meaning most of the users won’t be able to use the app.

Nevertheless, if you’re one of the lucky ones, you can download the Desktop Flow from this link, or you can head over to Google Play Store and search for the app.