Fixes and Improvements in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22563

February 28, 2022

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Microsoft released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22563 to the Dev Channel a few days ago, adding various new and convenient features to the operating system. Aside from new features like the tablet-optimized taskbar and dynamic widgets, Build 22563 also comes with many improvements and fixes that improve the overall user experience.



  • Microsoft is starting to roll out a feature that allows users to manage all their Bluetooth devices from Quick Settings quickly. Along with this, users can easily connect, disconnect, and check the device’s battery level all in one place.

File Explorer

  • Quick Access search has been updated to include files and content from Downloads, OneDrive, and any other indexed location, allowing users to find whatever they need quickly.
  • Files that don’t have any local presence, such as the ones shared to users from another OneDrive location, will show thumbnails in Quick Access.


  • Microsoft has made it even easier for users to snap related windows side by side by including tabs from Microsoft Edge as suggested windows in snap assist. Windows will automatically suggest three of the most recent Microsoft Edge tabs whenever a user snaps a window. This will be done by default, but users can change the settings by going to Settings > System > Multitasking.


  • With this latest build, Windows Insiders can use 37 new emojis from Emoji 14.0, including a “playground slide,” “melting face,” “mirror ball,” “coral,” and more.
  • There are new skin tone options for hand gestures and people, which means there are 112 emojis overall, including the handshake.


  • The accessibility flyout from Build 22557 is now available in the Dev Channel.



  • Users with a significantly large temp folder will experience improved login performance.
  • Microsoft also fixed a couple of issues affecting the reliability of explorer.exe.


  • When using Task View to switch through different Desktops, the auto-hide taskbar will remain expanded.
  • When dragging a file or app to the taskbar, the message users see about whether it’s supported will now respond to contrast themes and dark mode.
  • The mute icon in the taskbar now gives users a hint about its keyboard shortcut (WIN + Alt + K).

Start Menu

  • Microsoft fixed an issue on the Start Menu where users reported that it didn’t open consistently whenever they used the new touch gesture.
  • Recommended items have animated icons that will either fade in or fade out depending on whether you’re adding or removing them.
  • The sleep icon located in the power menu is no longer a bell.
  • Trying to share an app within All apps will no longer result in a crash.

File Explorer

  • Microsoft got rid of the random white dot that appeared for users in the context menu.
  • The OneDrive icon will now correctly appear in the File Explorer command bar.


  • The emoji search results have been improved, thanks to user feedback. For instance, the search results will suggest the balloon emoji first when users search for the word “balloon.”
  • Microsoft also fixed the explorer.exe crash that some users experienced when switching between different input methods.
  • Users with a grayed-out “Sync across your devices” option can now read an explanation within System> Clipboard.

For a complete look at the new improvements and fixes in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22563, Microsoft’s blog post has all the details.

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