Meet Fitbit Ace 3, the next generation activity and sleep tracker for kids

Fitbit Ace 3

Fitbit today announced Fitbit Ace 3, the next generation activity and sleep tracker for kids. The Ace 3 features more animated clock faces and new accessories that will motivate kids. The main highlight of Ace 3 is its battery life. Fitbit claims that Ace 3 will offer up to 8 days of battery life.

Fitbit Ace 3 features:

  • Ace 3 helps motivate kids to get moving to reach the 60 daily active minutes with reminders to take at least 250 steps per hour, with an option to customize during school time.
  • Kids can easily set personalized goals and track their activity by reviewing their stats on the bright, easy-to-use touchscreen, setting timers and racing against the stopwatch.
  • Sleep tracking, bedtime reminders and silent alarms help parents and kids work together to develop a consistent sleep schedule that gives kids enough time to rest and energize for another day of staying active and building healthy habits.
  • In the Fitbit app, kids can connect with parent-approved friends and family, engage in friendly competition via Family Face Off challenges, and celebrate milestones with virtual badges and trophies.
  • Fitbit Ace 3 makes activity fun with animated clock face characters that change and grow as kids make progress toward their goal throughout the day.
  • Through a Fitbit Family account in-app, parents are able to access Parent View where they can easily see their kid’s activity, manage what is shown on their kid’s app experience, and approve their kid’s friend requests.
  • Meanwhile, kids can experience Ace 3 in-app via Kid View, a focused view that promotes the development of healthy habits by showing the data that matters most, like activity and sleep stats, as well as parent-approved friends, clock faces, avatars and badges. The Ace 3 experience is designed to meet the child privacy standards outlined by law where available, including COPPA in the United States and GDPR in Europe.

Fitbit Ace 3 costs $79.95 and you can pre-order it today.

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Source: Fitbit