Firefox to finally get a basic privacy feature Chrome and Edge had for ages

by Surur
January 29, 2019

Firefox is currently marketing itself as the privacy alternative to Google’s data slurping Chrome browser, but it turns out the browser has had a major privacy flaw which competitors, including Chrome, Edge, Opera and more have all fixed ages ago.

It turns out that while other browsers disabled extensions by default in Private Browsing mode, Firefox does not, allowing the Amazon extension, for example, to record your “private shopping” when you really wished the retail giant did not.

According to a bug report on, the company is finally to address the issue with a change which will also be backported to Firefox 66.

The company will now disable extensions by default and allow users to opt to include the extensions if users trust them enough.

Firefox will also warn users of the coming change and give them the option to manage their extensions.

It is, of course, good that Mozilla is finally addressing this issue, but somewhat surprising that it has taken so many years. What do our readers think of this improvement? Let us know below.


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