Find feature in Microsoft Word is about to get a whole lot better

June 26, 2020

Microsoft Word

Microsoft is planning to make the Find feature in Microsoft Word a whole lot better. Generally, if you want to find something in a Word document, you need to enter the exact search term without any typo. With the upcoming update, the Find feature will support search queries beyond the exact match. Just like how Bing or Google works for web searches, Microsoft Word can search the document even if your search term has spelling mistakes. Read about the new improvements below.

  • Typos: When there is a misspelling in the query, search can now show related matches. For example, technincian vs. technician.
  • Forms of words: When there are different forms of the word in document and query. For example: tech, technology, technologies”; or USA, U.S.A, United States, United States of America; or newborn, new born, new-born, etc.
  • Synonyms: For example: citation, quotation, quote, reference might be all the candidates for a term that you are searching for inside the document.
  • A multi-word query: A single word query might lead to too many search results. A modern semantic search can often yield better results. For example: as a query of Oil Price, the content having Price of Oil, Prices of the Oil, Cost of Oil can offer related matches from within the document content.

In addition to regular search terms, you can also ask questions based on the document content. For example, when you’re looking at a water quality report, you can get answers for questions like “where does the city water originate from? How to reduce the amount of lead in water?”

You can check out the demo of these features below.

YouTube player
YouTube player

These new features are already available for Microsoft Word Targeted release customers. It will be coming soon to all general customers.

Source: Microsoft

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