Fennec leaks early – falls over like a drunked sailor



Fuzemobility has posted up a link to a cab of the FireFox Mobile browser for Windows Mobile. It is not known if this is the version that will be released next week, but so far David K from FuzeMobility is not particularly impressed:

So what can I tell you about the leaked version? It is NOT the beta version scheduled for release. How do I know that? It lacks any form of stability. It is a whopping 23megs, requires a soft reset after installation and installs into the Games folder (which is oddly appropriate since navigating a webpage without a crash is a game). As of now, the load times are mediocre and responsiveness is questionable BUT we can still learn a few things about it. It is VGA and as we’ve seen with some other browsers the font is really really tiny. The keyboard does not automatically pop-up (even the keyboard icon does not come up automatically). You need to begin typing with the physical keyboard and then the onscreen keyboard may appear (this may be a problem for Diamond users unless they set a physical key to toggle the onscreen keyboard). And the default is to load the mobile version of the website (not the full version).

If you are not put of too much download the cab from Mozilla here.

See full-sized screenshots and read more at Fuzemobility here.

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