It would appear that the actual gameplay of Fallout 76 isn’t the only thing that Bethesda have skimped out on. In a bizarre turn of events, the game’s Collector’s Edition has been massively downgraded from the initial reveal.

The Collector’s Edition was supposed to come with a glow in the dark map, 24 collectible Fallout figurines, a fully wearable T-51 Power Armour Helmet, a steel book, and a canvas carrying bag. Now, all of that sounds pretty decent for the $200/£175 asking price, doesn’t it?

Bethesda’s actually-shipped version of this at-first-glance pretty great Collector’s Edition doesn’t feature a canvas bag like it did in the original reveal. Instead, the high-quality, good-looking material has been replaced with a nylon version of the product. Nylon is a thinner, silkier material that feels like a raincoat compared to the rugged, high-quality feel of canvas. How did Bethesda respond to this controversy? Not very well. Not very well at all.

In a response to a refund request for falsely advertising the product, Bethesda’s customer service department explained that the original version that was advertised was merely a prototype of the bag.

“Due to unavailability of materials, we had to switch to a nylon carrying case for the Fallout 76: Power Armour Edition”, Bethesda said. “The bag was too expensive to make.”

While an announcement prior to the shipping of the product would have been nice, Bethesda has formally apologized and are offering a rather meek apology bonus to those who bought this edition: 500 atoms. Atoms are Fallout 76’s microtransaction currency, 500 of which equates to around $5. Ironically, this amount of atoms isn’t enough to buy the in-game canvas bag.

Source: Polygon