Facebook to adopt Microsoft Office 365 for its employees


Facebook has become the latest high profile customer win for Microsoft Office 365 service. Facebook has signed a deal with Microsoft to use Office 365 for its internal employee collaboration. Facebook was previously using on-premise Exchange based solution and now they are moving to the cloud.

Since Facebook has its own products that compete with some parts of Office 365, they will be using only email and calender part. They won’t be using Yammer which competes with Facebook for Work and Skype for Business which competes with Facebook Messenger.

Facebook’s employees use Facebook at Work internally. But email still has its place, said Tim Campos, the Facebook’s chief information officer. “Facebook at Work doesn’t end the need for email,” Mr. Campos said. “It’s not a binary thing.”

We will find more details about this deal later today.

Update: Tim Campos, CIO of Facebook today blogged about why Facebook chose Office 365. Read it here.