[Update: And more apps] Even the Calculator app in Windows 10 has Project NEON now

May 5, 2017

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Build 2017 is happening next week, and Microsoft has been busy lately. But that didn’t stop the company from releasing a bunch of app updates recently. Earlier this morning, we reported that the company has started rolling out elements of Project NEON to the Microsoft People and Paint 3D apps in Windows 10. And now, a new update for the Calculator app is rolling out in Windows 10 to Windows Insiders — bringing Project NEON to the app.

Project NEON, for those who don’t know, essentially adds blur to the Calculator app in Windows 10. The blur in the Calculator app looks very nice now, just like it does on most of the other apps like Groove Music and Microsoft People. The update also brings some neat animations to the app which look really nice when you hover over the buttons and other elements on the app:

This is obviously a fairly early version of Project NEON, so we’ll likely see more improvements coming to the Calculator app along with the other Windows 10 apps in the coming months.

Microsoft is expected to officially start talking about Project NEON at Build 2017 next week in Seattle. Project NEON is going to arrive for the general public with Windows 10 ‘Redstone 3’ and that should be pretty exciting, as it also brings some neat animations to the operating system.

It’s important to note that Microsoft seems to be A/B testing the new Project NEON update on the Calculator app, and it’s not available for all users just yet. If you are a Windows Insider in the Fast Ring, you may want to check for updates to confirm whether you have the update or not.

Update: It looks Microsoft isn’t done with bringing NEON to Windows 10 apps — the Voice Recorder and Windows Camera apps have NEON now as well, as some of you have pointed out in the comments below.

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