Even First Gen Windows Phone Device Like HTC Mozart To Receive 7.8 Update



Author Pradeep // in News

 HTC has confirmed that its first generation Windows Phone device HTC Mozart will get Windows Phone 7.8 update in the coming months. They have mentioned the timing as end of Feb or in March.

Google Translated version:

“Updating HTC devices with Windows Phone 7 to version 7.8 will take place at the end of February / March. In the case of mobile niebrandowanych update sooner. As of today, the HTC 7 Mozart smartphone is the only one for which it was confirmed by providing updated Windows Phone 7.8 “.

They even mentioned that Mozart will be only 7.8 device to be updated, I don’t know what happened to their HTC HD7 and Titan devices? I hope that the info from HTC Rep was partially incorrect.

Source: Windows-Phone.pl

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