eFootball won’t be fixed until later this month


8, 2021

Konami has announced the date for eFootball’s first, very needed, major patch, and unfortunately, it’s not coming till later this month. 

“We apologize for any inconveniences you may have experienced with the game,” Konami said in a recent statement released on Twitter. “We are preparing to release version 0.9.1 of eFootball 2022 on 28th of October,” the statement continued. 

According to Konami this patch “will focus on fixing the issues already reported and those you continue to report,” so hopefully the 0.9.1 patch will be able to turn the game’s quality around and stop it being the worst-rated game on Steam

More details about just what this update entails will be unveiled closer to the time, and Konami will continue to “address your feedback and requests in future updates,” so there may be hope for the free-to-play football sim yet.

While this patch is good news for fans of the PES franchise who were hoping that eFootball would be a return to form after PES 2020, it is coming almost a month after launch, so we will have to wait and see if the game can appease the disgruntled player base before more content gets introduced. 

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