Microsoft Edge now lets you view Office files without having to download them

by Rahul
February 17, 2021
Microsoft Edge

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In an effort to give Edge users the ability to open Office files without having to download them, Microsoft has added a new toggle, enabling which will let users open presentations, spreadsheets, documents within Edge. The new toggle is currently available in the Canary channel, meaning the Stable and Beta users cannot use the feature as of now.

Once you enable the toggle, clicking on an Office file will open a new tab where you’ll be able to see the file and won’t start downloading as the Edge Stable does. Luckily, you also have an option to download the file in case you want to save the file in your local storage. You can also save it to OneDrive if it’s that important. Moreover, the Office file viewer page has an option for the users to print the document. Long story short, it’s exactly like how you open a PDF file in a browser and can download, print later if you want.

Edge Office viewer
Image: Leopeva64-2

You can find the new Office viewer toggle just by visiting Edge browser Settings > Downloads. On the Downloads page, you’ll see a toggle called ‘Quickly view Office files on the web using Office Viewer.’ Enable the toggle so that you get to view Office files without having to download them.

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Microsoft has added another useful new feature to Edge Canary. Edge Team has added the ability to sort Collections by ‘recently used’ alongside ‘date created’ and ‘name.’

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As mentioned above, these two features are currently available for Canary users, but the good thing is that these aren’t available behind a flag. In other words, you can enable the new Office file viewer toggle right from the browser settings. The ability to sort Collections by ‘recently used,’ on the other hand, doesn’t require you to change anything in the Settings.

Meanwhile, you can download Microsoft Edge Canary here from this link.

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