Edge 91 stable official full changelog now available.

by Surur
May 29, 2021

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Microsoft released Edge 91 to the stable channel a few days ago, and while they touted a number of consumer features, up till now the full changelog has not been available.

Today that list has been published, which reveals the following improvements to delivered with 91.0.864.37:

Feature updates

  • Identify network traffic originating from Microsoft Defender Application Guard containers at the proxy level. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 91, there’s built in support to tag network traffic originating from Application Guard containers, allowing enterprises to identify them and apply specific policies.
  • Support option to allow synchronizing Favorites from the host to the Edge Application Guard container. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 91, users have the option to configure Application Guard to synchronize their favorites from the host to the container. This ensures new favorites appear on the container as well.
  • Starting with Microsoft Edge version 91 the browser will automatically interrupt downloads of types which could harm your computer if those downloads are started without a user interaction and are not supported by SmartScreen Application Reputation check. Users may override and continue to download by right clicking and choosing “Keep” on the download item. Enterprise administrators may opt out of this behavior by configuring the following policy:
  • Support for Speech Recognition APIs. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 91, API support for speech recognition commands on Google.com and similar sites will be added. This feature is limited to a randomly selected group of users who have enabled experimentation. These users are giving feedback to the feature team.
  • Personalize your browser with new theme colors. Make Microsoft Edge your own with one of the fourteen new theme colors on the Settings -> Appearance page. You can also install custom themes from the Microsoft Edge Add-on site. Learn more

Policy updates

New policies

Six new policies were added. Download the updated Administrative Templates from the Microsoft Edge Enterprise landing page. The following new policies were added:

Obsoleted Policy

The new Edge browser is now native to all supported versions of Windows 10, with the older Edge browser now deprecated. You can download the latest Stable version here.

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