Microsoft Edge can now offer you cashback from thousands of retailers

by Surur
May 27, 2021

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Microsoft’s Edge browser already offers an amazing coupon service, but today Microsoft has taken things to the next level with two new features designed to help shoppers save money.

Cashback with Microsoft Edge and Bing

Today Microsoft announced that that they are bringing Bing Rebates to Microsoft Edge.

By shopping on buyers can shop on to earn cashback from 1200+ retailers. You can now also shop from 300+ retailers directly on Microsoft Edge to get cashback.

To enable the feature all you need to do is be signed in to your Microsoft Rewards account and have Bing Rebates enabled. From there, you can continue to view the available Bing Rebates for your purchase by clicking on the blue tag in the address bar.

Historical Price Trends on Edge

Today Microsoft announced a new price history feature for Microsoft Edge. It shows buyers historical online prices to help them decide if they should wait a few days before making a purchase. To see an item’s price history, all you have to do is click on the blue tag in the address bar. Learn more about which retailers are supported here.

Would these two new features, in addition to the very useful coupon feature, convince our readers to switch to Edge when making online purchases? Let us know below.

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