Drum Machine app for Windows Phone 7



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This is an app by Dinogames, the one person outfit ran by developer Dirk Nordhusen, creator of the Drum Machine app on the Zune HD and A Beanstalk tale found both on the Zune HD and WP7. From the windowsphonefan.net blog

This is my app Drum Machine running in the WP7 emulator. The app has been released on the Zune some weeks ago and due to the positive feedback I decided to port it to the Windows Phone 7. Porting took me 2 days including redoing most of the graphics (due to the higher resolution of the phone)…

It seems that the initial release of the app was sluggish as can be attested by many of the reviews, but it was updated to version 1.1 on December 18th 2010 with the promise of

  • loading time shortened DRASTICALLY
  • tombstoning added. Options and the current arrangement are saved when the application is closed.

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