Drop everything and watch this iPhone Fold concept video

by Rahul
June 9, 2019

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While Folding smartphone is a hot topic for debate among smartphone enthusiasts, many didn’t buy into the idea for some critical flaw in the category and as per them, it would only make the whole experience of using the device worse. Obviously, it’s too early to pick a side.

But for a moment if we forget about engineering challenges, things could turn out to be a lot better. And this is exactly what concepts are, it might not be a feasible design choice for the manufacturer, but it certainly can raise the standard.

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An example of such a concept is embedded above. As you can see, the iPhone Fold is thin and pocketable if you wish to use it as a smartphone. The shape of the concept design, unlike the Galaxy Fold, is realistic and looks exactly like a smartphone. It, however, is an innie, meaning it folds inward.

Talking about specs, the smartphone offers 10MP+8MP at the front, and three cameras placed vertically along with a Quad LED flash at the back side. Although looks stunning, the oddest part is the screen of the display. It not only produces stunning visuals but also is your speaker. Yes, you heard it right, the display is the speaker.

You get 6.5-inch of screen real estate backed by the super retina display technology if you wish to use it as a smartphone. Needless to say, the device can transform itself into a tablet. And here we are talking about an 8.3-inch super retina HD display tablet with support for Apple pencil, which you can attach to the device magnetically.

Via: YD

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