Droid VS Touchpro2(non Video)

Hi everyone, I know you guys have been waiting for this, so I said Ill upload the Video later and just give you what I would say now. Here you go

Hey everyone its wen here from WMPoweruser.com, and I have with me the king of android phones the Droid, and the King of the speaker phone and all around best keyboard the Touchpro2. Today will be the battle of the kings…. We will go 5 rounds and round it out to the nearest number, lets get started.


The Droid is running with VZW, America premier 3G service provider, with a large coverage area and a really fast connection.

The Touchpro2 is running on T-mobile currently, but you can get it with all 4 major carriers and some other less important carriers.

The Touchpro2 has a long list of connectivity features for example Wi-fi, GPS, Bluetooth and all the basics, but with TV out which even thought your seeing it more often now is still not on every devices, including the Droid.

The Droid has everything from 3G to Wi-Fi, GPS and all the usual Smartphone stuff…..

When on my home network I notice the Droid’s Wifi connection is slightly faster than the Touchpro’s and also stronger at that. The Touchpro does have a steadier stream and the Droid has to offer.

After all that I would say the Touchpro2 gets a 4.5 and the Droid gets a 4.0

Next round


Like all android phones the Droid comes with the app store, which has anything you would need, but when you think about it, how many different looks can it really have?

The Touchpro2 Running Windows Mobile on the other hand is build on customizations, if you don’t like something, there is no reason to live with it; Microsoft made it a 3 step process on changing your homescreen, download, install, select. That cannot be said on the Droid, because I cannot find any customizations available to it in the app store, maybe themes and background and slight UI changes, but not anything major like the touchpro2 has.

For this I would have to say the Touchpro gets a 5 and the Droid a 3.5

Now let’s look at


This is where the Droid takes the upper hand. The droid is running Android, which is a way more modern OS, very new and extremely sexy and the phone itself is beautiful. The Touchpro2 has a lot of potential, but Windows Mobile is still holding it back, with its old style Windows 95 look and its chunky buttons, it does not impress. The look of the touchpro2 is not bad, but it is still a little chunky and wide, but that is thanks to its beautiful 3.6inch screen… with 65K colors, it looks gorgeous and just stunning when you compare it to the older model HTC devices.

The Droid has a newer thinner, manlier design with a extremely sensitive touchscreen which is only comparable to the Iphone, because it is also 3.5inches.

This one I will have to give to the Droid because it just has a more modern look and is slimmer, better looking. The Touchpro comes in at 3.5 and the Droid a solid 5.

User Interface

This is another place where the Droid takes charge. The UI which is basic Android has a newer look, a easier UI and a smoother app transition. The Touchpro2 has a better more usable Homescreen, everything is on the main screen so you do not need to open any apps to get your details, but you do get this sexy looking drop down notification bar that give you all your info at once. The weather, twitter and everything is on your homescreen, so when you think about it the Touchpro2 has a better User Interface, but it can never be as smooth as the Droid at running apps or even going through the menu. The Touchpro2 gets a 4 and the Droid gets a 4 also because of the lack of information on your homescreen.

Business features

A phone with a large keyboard is usually aimed like a missile at the business user. The TouchPro 2 excels here, with excellent business features such as deep Exchange integration, built-in document editors, excellent call handling functions and of course the landmark feature, the speakerphone. The Touch Pro 2 has an excellent keyboard which makes tapping out those e-mails easy as pie, while the Droid suffers from shallow travel and little differentiation between keys.

The Droid has some degree of Exchange integration, but is of course far from fully featured. While the speakerphone is loud, it lacks the TP2’s noise cancellation technology. The Droid features document viewers, but no editors, and the viewer can not show images.

TouchPro2 – 5/5, Droid 3/5

After all this the Touchpro2 comes out the Champ with a very close battle but the Droid has some things to fix before it can play with the Touchpro2. The final score is, Touchpro2, …. That was a very close battle but it seems the TouchPro2 came out the champ.

A little something extra:

Can you read your word documents while on the go?
Can you simultaneously change your UI?
Can you flip your phone over and have it turn to a business call?
Can your phone connect to your TV?
If you don’t like something can you change it without any problems?
If you dont like your ROM, can you flash in a 2 step process then restore all of your files back in less than 5 mine?

No Droid doesn’t, but Touchpro2 does.

That’s all for now, keep looking forward for my full out video comparison.

By request: Battery life on this device is excellent, It goes all day even thought its always on 3G and wifi, It gave me at least a good 9 hours, but the screen is the main power killer. The batter recharges really fast, not anything more than 2hours, way less.

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