PlayStation 4’s exclusive game-making video game Dreams is an impressive piece of software for any gamer. While some players are making gorgeous fields and amusement rides, some are doing the opposite.

Reddit user /u/Huknar has taken to Silent Hill for some inspiration. Not inspired by the town, or the haunted hospitals or the scary schools, it’s bathrooms which are getting their creative juices flowing.

Called Orchid Falls, Huknar’s horrific bathroom is delightfully disgusting. Everything looks dark, dingy and grimy; the added who-knows-what all over the toilets are a particular highlight.

Orchid Falls ( Silent Hill-inspired survival horror dream) – Made a grungy toilet and added tank controls. from r/PS4Dreams

Alongside the grisly graphics, Orchid Falls also sports some glorious tank controls. Resident Evil may have abandoned tank controls, but Orchid Falls realises their use!

With Konami’s apparent abandonment of the Silent Hill IP, it’s up to fans to recreate that series’ lost magic. Whether that’s through P.T remakes or projects like this, the spirit of Silent Hill will never die.