How to download and install Kodi on your Windows 10 Mobile device

January 3, 2018

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Kodi debuted worldwide for the Xbox earlier this week, but it turns out that the developers aren’t done with Microsoft’s platforms. Kodi doesn’t have their app up in the Microsoft Store, but they do have ARM nightly builds up on their site.

Here’s how to install it on your Windows 10 Mobile device

  1. Open Kodi’s nightly builds for ARM page here
  2. Download the most recent Kodi appx file for ARM. It’ll always be in the yymmdd format, so you can always tell which one is the most recent one. You can download this file directly on your Windows phone, or download it to your PC and then transfer it to your phone by USB.
  3.  Navigate to Settings > Update and Security > FOr Developers > Enable Developer Mo
  4. Locate the appx for on your phone via the File Explorer app and double tap it to install.
  5. You should now find the app in your app list.

Kodi is still very much an alpha at the moment, but the oft-abandoned Windows 10 Mobile userbase should be pleased to have access to such a versatile media app.

Source: Kodi via WindowsBlogItalia

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