Doomfist is now playable in Overwatch

Update: Doomfist is coming to Overwatch today, July 27. He should be playable for everyone now. Here are the patch notes.

Overwatch is getting a new hero and he’s incredible. Doomfist appears to be a melee-focused character who is a formidable force. While the character’s motives are unclear, he appears to thrive off of conflict. He believes that evolution only takes place through conflict so the only way for humanity as a whole to become stronger is to engage in battle. While these views are frankly speaking, insane, they fit into the Overwatch universe well.

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From his origin story, Doomfirst appears to be a relic from the past who’s just returned and the “good guys” are unprepared to deal with him. We can’t wait to learn more about this character and his owners in the coming weeks!

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