Doom-GLES renamed to D-GLES and added trial version


DoomGLES (now D-GLES) is a 3D hardware accelerated source port of the Doom Engine available on the Windows Phone Store.
More than a simple port which only adds touch controls, it adds the following graphical effects, so it looks more modern than the original version: qrcode
  • Realtime dynamic lighting
  • Particles effects
  • 3D Monsters and objects (MD2)
  • Blood projections
  • Realistic water effect

At the end of last year, Zenimax the holders of the Doom copyrights, told me that DoomGLES needed some changes. They asked me to remove the shareware data which is not freely distributable, they also asked me to change the name (remove Doom) and the icon (remove the Doom logo). I complied to these demands at the begining of the year.
Now DoomGLES is named “D-GLES” and freedoom data is provided instead of the shareware.
The direct effect was that Doom downloads are now almost null (a few per month).

Also, as a lot of people asked for a trial version, I added this feature.

You can now try the app for free. In trial mode, you will have access to the full shareware episode (after you copied it on your phone), the 4 firsts levels of the freedoom wad, and the first level of any other wad. About the new effects I added (which is a big part of the work I did), on the 2 firsts levels of the shareware and those of freedoom, they are always activated. On any other wad or level, they will be activated only for about 1 minute a day.


See the YouTube Trailer below:

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