Don’t expect notifications from your Windows Phone on your Fitbit any time soon


5, 2015

As a fitbit owner I have been waiting expectantly for notification support to be added to the app every time the Windows Phone app has been updated, but the company today revealed that this will likely not come any time soon, as they are waiting for Microsoft to deliver a critical component of the notification system on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile.

TristanR, Product Manager for the Windows Apps, writes:

Hello everyone.

Today I am able to share a little more information on this topic. I know many people have been asking for a more detailed explanation about why this feature has not been made available on Windows devices.

Today the Microsoft Windows platform does not provide a GATT server. Fitbit leverages this technology to provide notifications on our hardware. Microsoft and Fitbit are working together to bring a solution to our shared consumers.

I understand that this will raise many additional questions regarding timing and availability. Unfortunately we don’t have further information to share at this time. I’ll try and answer followup questions where possible.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

He unfortunately also confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile Bluetooth Stack also lacked the all important GATT server, saying:

GATT Server is not currently implemented in Windows 10. Windows 10 is a continually updating OS, so I expect some future version of Windows 10 to include support for this feature.

He also revealed that Microsoft Band uses BT Classic, MS Accessories API’s and specific firmware implementation in order for their notifications to work instead of GATT.

It is rather disappointing that the delays have been caused by Microsoft all along, and that Windows 10 does not address the deficit. The last thing Microsoft need to do is make life more difficult for developers by not supporting the same standard technologies they are used to on iOS and Android.

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