The gamer’s social media of choice, Discord, officially launched their game store service in August. Now, though, the company has reached the next step: launching their game store worldwide!

While the gaming store is still in a beta version, everyone will now be able to access its wares and purchase content they’re interested in. It houses a much smaller library of games compared to its competitors but there are a healthy amount of “First on Discord” timed exclusives to sink into.

Discord’s gaming store will also include a subscription service called Nitro. For $9.99 a month, you will receive access to the quickly-growing list of games for as long as you keep your subscription. As of right now, there are 60 games available in the Nitro service.

To acesss, the all-new Discord Store, make sure your Discord is fully updated. Navigate to the left sidebar next to your server-list and click on store. Now, you’ll be able to purchase games and subscribe to Nitro!

The store already improves on Steam in a few key areas. The video player, for instance, is much improved and doesn’t buffer anywhere near as much or load in a low resolution.