Disc-based games should have no issues installing on Xbox now

August 24, 2023
Disc-based games

Disc-based games shouldn’t fail to install now, thanks to the update patch coming to Xbox Insider. As you might know, these updates will make it into the Xbox Live servers soon, so if some of your  games fail to install properly, or don’t install at all on your Xbox console, this update should fix it for you.

For now, all the Xbox Insiders in the Beta Ring will have access to the Build 2308.230822-0045, that addressed this minor, but annoying issue. If you’re inside the Beta ring, you should be already given the option to download it.

According to Microsoft, some disc-based games would fail to install as expected, which is a frustrating bug, but Xbox now has a solution for it.

On the other hand, this build also fixes issues with Store-installed games that run into different unexpected behaviors, such as crashing, lagging, or freezing.

  • Fixes to improve unexpected behavior when installing some games from the Store.
  • Fixes to address unexpected warning badges when games can be launched as expected.
  • Fixes to address some disc-based games failing to install as expected.

Download the latest Build, install it, and let us know if your games are properly installed now.

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