Here are the games that join and leave Xbox Game Pass in August

Update: August’s titles for Xbox Game Pass are now available on the console. You can download Dead Rising 3, Dirt Rally, Limbo, Ultratron, Metal Slug XX, Pharaonic and So Many Me now. It appears that Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara has been removed from the service too.

It looks like Xbox Game Pass subscribers are in for a treat in August. According to a trailer posted by Larry Hryb, Xbox Game Pass will receive Dead Rising 3, Dirt Rally, Limbo, Metal Slug XX, Pharaonic, So Many Me and Ultratron. Many of these titles are absolutely fantastic so check them out.

For example, Dead Rising 3 is a lot of fun and completely over-the-top. Dirty Rally is a phenomenal racer and I liked it more than Dirt 4. Limbo is a cult classic which shouldn’t be missed. Lastly, even a title like Pharaonic is a lot of fun in small doses. It’s great that Microsoft keeps on adding games to the service which will appear to many different gamers.