Developers: Social Viewer Template v2 For Windows Phone

The Social Viewer template is a VS template that allows you to develop apps for Windows Phone. It provides basic features of an application that can aggregate multiple RSS/Atom feeds, Facebook and Twitter. You can change the default behaviour to load your own type of data feeds, load feeds on-demand, tailor the layout and the design of the application using Expression Blend.


  • RSS/Atom Feeds
  • Public Facebook pages
  • Twitter Id/Hashtags/search
  • Aggregation of updates into lists based on source, name, type or a custom filter.
  • Automatic or OnDemand loading of feeds
  • Read status tracking
  • Default structure:
  • MainPage – lists items
    • ReaderPage – viewing items
    • SettingsPage – social networking accounts
    • AboutPage – shows information about application inc feedback links
  • Facebook, Twitter and Email support for commenting/sharing
  • Caching of items for offline reading
  • 2 default view list views: 1 list showing all items or panorama view showing each list.
  • AdGac ( advertising
  • Trial Period (full and limited functionality) support
  • support for sharing links