Developers: Create Windows Phone 7 Apps Using HTML, CSS And Javascript

Many newbie developers think that you need to learn Silverlight to develop any applications for Windows Phone platform. That’s not true. You can use your web development skills such as HTML, CSS and Javascript to develop apps for Windows Phone using web browser control. There is an codeplex project which will help you get started,

Project Description
Create Windows Phone 7 apps using HTML, CSS and Javascript over the WebBroweser control inside the phone.

Widget Library
for Windows Phone 7 allows you to build new applications for Windows Phone 7 in
a easy way. You can migrate your widgets from iPhone or Android to Windows Phone
7 with this library.

You have access to:

  • Play music on background
  • Show notifications
  • Navigate between pages
  • Play video
  • Download files
  • Save and load files from the IsolatedStorage
    The communication  between the WebBrowser Control and the Windows Phone 7 Apps is implemented using
    the script capabilities on the control.

Try out it here.

via: ilovewindowsphone