Developers can finally tap into Cortana on Windows 10, Android, iOS, and speakers with the release of Cortana Skills Kit

Microsoft recently introduced a new Cortana-powered speaker from Harman Kardon. The company announced its plans for letting developers integrating their services into Cortana back in December of last year. The announced a new developer tool called the Cortana Skills Kit which will allow developers to tap into Cortana last year — and it was supposed to release a public preview of the new kit in February. For unknown reasons, the release was delayed and at its Build 2017 developer conference, Microsoft is today releasing the Cortana Skills Kit as a public preview.

Using the Cortana Skills Kit and Microsoft’s Bot Framework, developers can integrate their services into Cortana. For instance, Spotify is building a Cortana Skill that will let users play music via Spotify on their Cortana-powered speaker. Cortana Skills will work across all devices, that includes Windows 10 devices, Android, iOS, and the Cortana-powered speakers. Users will be able to install a new Cortana Skill from the Cortana app on their devices, and once enabled, they should be able to easily start using the features provided by the Cortana Skill.

If you are a developer interested in the Cortana Skills Kit, you can find out more about it here¬†and we’ll let you know when the kit is available for download.

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