Developer Submission: Kauna picks up an update with new visualization


11, 2016

Author x2 // in Apps, Software

Kauna gets new visualization called Triangular.

Kauna is music visualization application. It brings some beautiful animation effects to music you’re listening to. It can react to sound from microphone or system (loopback), so you can use it with any media player, browser or app. It supports phone and tablet/desktop with OS version 8.1+.

There are different dynamic and beautiful visualizations available:

  • Wave – frequencies as fine lines;
  • Confetti – colored discs, changing its size;
  • Bars – rainbow spectrum analyzer;
  • Burning clouds – bright visualization simulates illuminated clouds;
  • Plasma – old school effect with smooth transition of colors;
  • Sound level meter – virtual device for the measurement of volume (DB);
  • Triangular – light ring with triangles in the background;
Developer: x2
Price: Free
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