Developer Niels Laute envisions a better looking WCOS/Santorini shell called ModernOS


19, 2019

Windows Core OS is the stripped-down, modular version of Windows Microsoft, that intends to power the next generation of their devices, including laptops and 2-in-1s.  We reported in March this year that Microsoft was abandoning two shell projects, Andromeda and Polaris, and would be going ahead with Santorini instead.

In case you need some clarification- Andromeda was the small dual-screen folding tablet, and Polaris was the new desktop shell running on Windows Core OS.   Santorini is the code name for Windows Lite.

Niels Laute, UX designer at Phillips & independent UWP developer, has suggested a design concept of his own for WCOS/Santorini.  Laute has also been known to be the developer behind Huetro for Hue.

The interactive app was built using WindowsUI and Composition.  It’s been created with Fluent Design, and includes a reimagined media control UI.   App icons have also been implemented, rather than Live tiles.  Additionally, you’ll find the Start Button in the centre of the screen.

You can check it out for yourself on GitHub (for free).

Thanks, Henry for the tip.

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