Developer marries HoloLens and ARKit, produces terrifying child


11, 2017

Microsoft’s HoloLens and Apple’s phone-based ARKit have different strengths and weaknesses, a situation which normally suggests you can get an even better result if you have the two technologies working together.

Now VR development studio Emergent has done just that, creating an amazing creation where the phone acts as a 6 degree of freedom motion controller and the HoloLens creates the immersive visuals holding a phone to your face just can’t deliver.

The demo renders the HoloLens as a helmet, the iPhone as a sci-fi gun and is even able to render bullet holes in the environment, courtesy of their understanding of the layout and surfaces in the environment.

See the technology in action below:

YouTube player

Hopefully, we will see a greater cross-pollination of ideas as developers grasp the potential of what is possible when our devices do not just know their GPS location, but also where exactly where in space they are and what is around them.

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