Deleted Edge on desktop is persistently coming back; Users believe issue is just a pushy tactic

January 25, 2023

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Windows 11 keeps adding Edge to my desktop, despite the fact that Opera GX is my default browser. from assholedesign

Different Windows users reported experiencing an issue with Microsoft Edge that causes it to repeatedly reappear on their desktops despite removing the browser icon manually. The Redmond company said it is aware of the problem, but many believe it might be just one of the giant’s desperate tactics to push Edge to Windows users. (via Windows Central)

“For the second time, Edge has come back to my desktop,” posted one Reddit user. “When will Microsoft understand that nobody likes Edge?”

“They already understand that nobody likes or wants it,” replied another user. “That’s why they’re doing this.”

Other users shared that the problem occurs every time Edge is updated, causing it to add a new shortcut to the desktop. Additionally, the reports claim that deleting the shortcut just leads to the recreation of a new one, so many instead choose to just hide it. Most affected individuals who voiced their concerns were Windows 10 and Windows 11 users. 

“I keep deleting the shortcut, but it keeps getting reinstalled,” confirmed one Reddit user. “Edge is my default browser but having to delete it from the desktop always is quite annoying.”

Currently, there is no clear explanation for the “issue,” but one Independent Advisor in the Microsoft community forum said it “must be something that was pushed through Edge or Updates.” Greg Carmack, the advisor, also suggested a workaround.

“Most are fixing it by disabling the Edge startup listing in Task Manager > Startup tab, which apparently keeps putting the shortcut back after every restart,” Carmack said. “If not there, check in Task Scheduler if Edge scheduled a task to run at every startup.”

Microsoft said that it is now working on a solution to solve the problem.

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