Deal Alert: 20% Discount for TileRec dictaphone on Amazon

June 6, 2022
TileRec dictaphone held by a hand with pink nail paint, TileRec info shown at the bottom
TileRec Dictaphone

Lots of devices are capable of recording now. Portability and convenience, however, is the main concern about them. TileRec dictaphone, an extremely tiny device measuring 2.48 square inches, can be the answer for that.

Atto Digital, a company dedicated to creating voice recording devices, is offering the TileRec dictaphone as one of the newest entries in its product portfolio. The idea behind it is to produce an extremely portable yet practical dictaphone that will serve its purpose by providing convenient features.

TileRec is a plain-looking device with just a single switch for turning it on and off, making it intuitive for all users. Despite that, it possesses some helpful features such as voice activation and Continuous Recording mode that can be activated by connecting it to a PC and editing its set.txt file. When used with the voice activation feature, it can automatically start recording once its sensor senses sound within a 15 feet range (360 degrees).

TileRec is specifically designed to easily slide into pockets and stay discrete as a recording device. Thanks to its size, those things are possible. And to make it tough, Atto Digital built every TileRec with 100% recycled thick aluminum casing, allowing it to tolerate accidental falls and drops.

On the other hand, aside from its portable size, what really makes it an ideal device for all recording needs is its capacity. It comes with an 8GB internal memory and can record up to 145 hours of 128 Kbps MP3 recordings. It charges for one and a half hours, but it can last up to 24 hours of recording.

Accessing files is easy since they are automatically saved as MP3 files. The package also comes with a USB cable to easily connect it to your computer or other devices (Windows, macOS, or Android) and do a playback of the recordings.

TileRec dictaphone is currently available on Amazon with a 20% price slash. For more information about it and the discount, click here

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