Dead Space might just be making a resurgence


1, 2021

Dead Space is showing some signs of life, as the series’ YouTube account received its first update in nearly a decade. 

Before you get too excited thinking a trailer has shadow dropped, the change we’re all excited about is just the YouTube channel’s profile picture changing from the logo of Dead Space 3, to some character art of series protagonist Isaac Clarke.

It probably shouldn’t be all too much cause for celebration, but the YouTube channel hasn’t seen any activity in over eight years so you could say we’re starved for official information on the franchise, to say the least. 

There have been rumours milling about that EA is set to announce another instalment of the Dead Space franchise through their EA Motive studio so It’s possible that this profile change may be gearing up towards an announcement for that. According to Gematsu, the rumoured Dead Space game will be a “reimagining rather than a sequel to the existing trilogy.”

YouTube player

There’s a non zero chance that this change means absolutely nothing for the future of Dead Space, with whoever controls the account just wanting to change things up a little. Still, we can’t help but be hopeful that the series is going to be revived after its over eight-year absence. 

Hopefully, there won’t be too long to wait for more information, as on July 22nd, EA is hosting their EA Play event which could possibly reveal another morsel of information if we’re lucky. 

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