Dark Souls 3 Ring Fit run is the latest insane way to play

April 7, 2020
Dark Souls 3 Ring Fit

Gamers have played Dark Souls 3 with eye-tracking, they’ve played it with a guitar hero controller. Now, insane gamer SuperLouis64 is attempting to do a Dark Souls 3 Ring Fit ring-con run of the infamously difficult game.

Taking to Twitter to announce his execution of a Dark Souls 3 Ring Fit run, SuperLouis64 explained how the game works with Nintendo’s fitness setup.

For starters, running in real life makes you move in the game. While a future change to the setup will allow players to lightly jog or walk if they choose, SuperLouis64 can only run to move in game.

“Of course this runs into a few issues, like getting tired,” SuperLouis64 said on Twitter. “In the future, I plan to make the leg strap joycon’s D-Pad allow the user to control the intensity they want to run from “a good job” to “no jog” just in-case they are tired. Dark Souls will do that to you.”

The next movement to to is to control how you drink your health-refilling estus: SQUAT! That’s right, bend those knees and keep your back straight, it’s time to work those thighs!

“It worked during testing but during a run it was too hard to pull off,” the gamer said. “Turns out there’s not many chances to stop still and squat in DS3.”

Every other command in the game is done via the Ring-Con which players can squeeze, stretch, and tilt for a variety of different movements. Prepare to exercise.

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