Crackdown 3 patch includes free bonus DLC, high priority issues in the works

A new Crackdown 3 patch has introduced free DLC to Microsoft’s new open world shooter.

The free Bonus Content Pack includes a few new items for players to get their hands on. Included in the pack are the Quackhammer weapon, Commander Jaxon’s Ultimate Suit, and the Linebacker vehicle.

To play with Jaxon’s Ultimate Suit, you’ll have to choose Agent Jaxon on the Agent selection screen and toggle between the character’s two versions.

The Quackhammer will be available to use once you access any Supply Point. To find the weapon, scroll down to the bottom of the left-hand weapons column.

For the Linebacker vehicle, go to a Supply Point’s vehicle pad and select the car. Then you can, “drive in style.”

For some of the numerous issues with Crackdown 3, well, they’re being worked on. Party issues for the game’s Wrecking Zone mode will be coming, alongside more save games and unlocked framerate for co-op on PC.

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After such a long time in development, Crackdown 3 is finally here. It’s playable on Xbox Game Pass, for just £7.99 or $9.99 a month, and, well, we didn’t think it was all that great.

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