Company to show off advanced Emergency Telemedicine application based on the Microsoft HoloLens


18, 2017

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We have seen the Microsoft HoloLens used for telemedicine applications before, but that was more in the context of GP consultations, but now Exelus has announced an application where performance and reliability are much more important and where having immediate expertise can literally be life-saving.

Their Nomadeec platform based on the HoloLens uses intuitive gestures and allows EMTs to interface with up to 10 Bluetooth diagnostic devices such as ECG readers and pulse oximeters and then transmit the readings to remote experts who can then advise on interventions via teleconferencing.

Exelus said the Nomadeec telemedicine platform will mean better prehospital care and will bring expertise to areas with few specialists, such as rural areas.

Calling the application the future of telemedicine, the company will be showing off their technology at CES 2018 soon.

Via VRFocus

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