While the majority of tech enthusiasts were happy from Microsoft’s decision to ditch EdgeHTML in favor of Chromium, many were of the opinion that the Chromium Edge won’t be able to mimic classic Edge’s smooth scrolling system and many other features which differentiated the classic Edge from others.

While Microsoft is yet to add all the unique features of the classic Edge to the new Edge, the company has introduced some important ones, one of them being the Impulse-style scroll animation, which is now enabled by default in the Edge Canary and Dev channels for Windows.

“This scroll animation(Impulse-style) has already been ported into the Chromium-based Edge browser, and is enabled by default for Windows in both Dev and Canary channels,” Microsoft noted.

EdgeHTML has a specific style of scroll animations that give it a personality not found on other platforms. The main idea is that each “tick” of the mouse wheel tries to mimic a physical-based world where content starts moving quickly (an impulse) and then slows due to friction. One of the benefits of this approach is that the scroll feels more responsive due to the quick ramp-up at the start.

As Microsoft noted, the main goal of this new scrolling system is to bring Impulse-style (i.e. EdgeHTML-style) scroll animations as an option to Chromium, behind a new feature flag. And that, in turn, means that Google Chrome might also get the Impulse-style scrolling system in the coming days.

Another new feature that Microsoft is also working on is what they call “Percent-based scrolling“. The goal of this Percent-based scrolling system is to make easier for users to read or keep track of the material being scrolled.

Microsoft said,”As such, we would like to add support to use percent-based scrolling instead (behind a flag). We intend for this to become the default behavior in Edge. This will hopefully lead to a better user experience on many web pages.”

via Windowslatest