Chrome’s PWAs are getting jumplist support on Windows 10


12, 2020

Microsoft’s goal is to make PWAs indistinguishable from desktop apps, and the company is now working with Google to bring one cool desktop feature, taskbar icon jumplists, to Chrome PWAs.

Jump lists are the useful app shortcuts one gets when right-clicking on a taskbar icon e.g. open a new window or new incognito window. PWAs generally do not offer the option, until now.

In the latest Chrome Canary, if you toggle the #enable-desktop-pwas-app-icon-shortcuts-menu flag under chrome://flags, and restart your browser,  your PWAs will now be able to populate the jumplists for their taskbar icon.

By default, these items would be the same as app shortcuts one would get when long-pressing on an icon in iOS or Android, meaning many PWAs will come with the feature enabled already.

Google has prepared a test site,, which can be found here.

via Techdows

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