Google Chrome for Android to get Dark Mode in Google search results

by Rahul
May 7, 2020
Google Chrome

In an effort to make Dark Mode more consistent in Chrome, Google is currently working on Dark Mode for Google search results, or at least that’s what the recent code changes added late this evening to the Chromium source code repository suggests(via 9to5Google). The code is for a flag, the description of which reads:

Show the dark SRP for Chrome Android

If enabled, users will see a darkened search results page if Chrome is in night mode as well.


As per the description, when enabled, the flag will bring Dark Mode to the Google search results only when Chrome is in night mode.

Currently, the feature seems to be at a very early stage of development, meaning we might have to wait a while before the feature becomes available for the general public. It’s likely that the new feature will first be made available for the Chrome Canary users.

The Dark Mode will only be in effect if the search results are powered by Google. So, if you set Bing or DuckDuckGo as your default search engine in Chrome, you’re out of luck.

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