Check Out Microsoft’s Cube, An Interactive Art Installation Which Celebrates Electronic Music, Visual Art And New Media

Microsoft today revealed their latest project, the Cube. It is an interactive art installation which is 4-feet square size and powered by five computers and four Kinects. Microsoft has kept this setup at Seattle’s Decibel Festival, a celebration of electronic music, visual art and new media.

At Decibel, the Cube will be a vehicle for a uniquely connected digital dance party, on display tonight through Monday in the Seattle Center between the Trimpin sculpture and Sky Church.

Participants stand in front of the giant structure and the Cube reacts, pulsating to music and tracing the movements of those around it. The Kinects can read up to three people on each side, and you can see others through the Cube, which acts as a portal, virtually connecting people who are separated in physical space.

The team at Microsoft with the help of Stimulant, a Seattle-based digital design firm worked with WorldStage, an event technology company based in New York and Southern California, to design the prototypes and the final Cube with custom-fabricated screens made from projection material and clear acrylic, instead of using LCD displays.

Read more about this setup here.