Chatsonic Review: Can It Compete With ChatGPT in 2024

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Chatsonic review

Looking for a reliable Chatsonic review? When initially released, it was ChatGPT on steroids, which made it very useful. Now that ChatGPT accepts various input forms, with the option to create Custom GPTs, let’s see if this chatbot stands a chance!

What Is Chatsonic?

Chatsonic by Writesonic dashboard

Chatsonic is an AI chatbot that combines the power of ChatGPT4 with additional features for delivering the most relevant results. It has direct access to new data and current events.

It’s useful mainly for marketing, research, and customer support.

It’s also a part of the Writesonic, a platform that bundles modern AI tools. You can access cool features like Brandsonic, Photosonic, Audiosonic, and more.


Here are some standout features you’ll want to know about:

Various Input Options

Chatsonic input options

When starting a new chat, you have the option to add any of the following inputs:

  • Document
  • Image
  • Audio
  • URL.

Regardless of what you’ll provide as the input, you’ll likely accompany it with a textual prompt. To optimize the experience, Chatsonic offers an automatic prompt enhancement.

It uses AI to improve the prompt. The point is to push the user to create a nearly perfect prompt.

AI will analyze the prompt and additional input and provide a contextual answer.

These features were trendy back when ChatGPT didn’t have similar ones. However, nowadays, you can provide similar input types in ChatGPT which works much better.

Chatsonic Google search

As a tool that uses ChatGPT in the backend, Chatsonic does utilize the Google search feature.

It combines the power of ChatGPT processing and generating with the vast data available on the most popular search engine. All sources will be noted with the output.

This feature can slow down the processing time, so I recommend you keep it on only if necessary. If you’re using Chatsonic to explore marketing trends, it’s needed, but not so much if you’re learning about the history of marketing.

AI Art Generation

Chatsonic AI art generation

AI art generation is possible through the Photosonic model. Although you can use a separate interface for image generation, you can also do so directly from the chat.

This approach is beneficial since it helps you create contextual images and tweak them according to your needs. In other words, if you’re discussing a topic, you can ask Chatsonic to generate an illustration.

Although it holds potential in education, marketing, and many other niches, it’s not exclusive. Well, anymore, at least. Here, we again circle back to changes that OpenAI implemented in ChatGPT…

When initially released, standard ChatGPT didn’t have these features. However, nowadays, it also has DALL·E integrated, and you can achieve the same (and better results).

Anyhow, Chatsonic AI art generation works most of the time and provides decent output. It’s far from the top-notch image generators like Midjourney, but it certainly holds some potential.

Advanced Follow-up Options

Chatsonic followup options

Once your prompt reply is generated, you can continue working on it by selecting one of the following options:

  • Rephrase text
  • Improve writing
  • Make longer
  • Make shorter
  • Change tone
  • Simplify.

You can also get all the sources for information by clicking on the Sources button. All relevant links will appear in a pop-up.

A nice touch is downloadable output. Instead of struggling with copying and pasting the text, you can get a .docx file in a second! You can also edit the text in the Sonic Editor online.

Finally, if you’re concerned about the AI taking pieces of others’ work, you can use the built-in Plagiarism Checker.

How To Use Chatsonic?

Here’s a complete tutorial for using this AI chatbot:

  1. Head to the Chatsonic home page and hit the Start Chatting button.
    Chatsonic Start Chatting
  2. Register for a free account (or log in if you already have one.)
  3. Click on the New Chat button.
    Chatsonic New chat
  4. Type your prompt in the indicated space.
    Chatsonic prompt
  5. (Optional) Improve your prompt by clicking on the indicated button.
    Always review the improved prompt and correct it if needed.
    Chatsonic improve prompt
  6. (Optional) Attach additional input if you have any.
    The maximum size is 10MB per file.
    Chatsonic additional input
  7. Hit the Send Message button.
    Chatsonic send message
  8. (Optional) Use any of the modification options to get a new output.
    You can also send a new textual prompt.
    Chatsonic additonal feedback

That’s it! Like any other generative AI, the key is experimenting and testing different prompts. Remember, the output will be as good as the input you provide.


Chatsonic pricing

A Chatsonic review can’t be complete if you don’t know how much it’ll cost you.

These plans are available:

  • Free ($0/month)
  • Freelancer ($20/month*)
  • Small Team (Starts at $19/month*)
  • Enterprise (Starts at $500/month)

*You can save up to 33% if you subscribe for an Annual billing.

Currently, Writesonic offers 10,000 words as part of the free trial. You don’t have to provide billing data. Having an active account is enough. 2,500 words will be renewed each month as part of the Free plan.

The free words can only be used in Premium mode, which runs GPT3.5 in the back end. If you’re subscribed to the Freelancer plan, you get unlimited words.

To use the Superior mode (GPT4), you’ll have to subscribe to a Small Team plan. You’ll also burn your words/token allowance much quicker, as it consumes 6x more than Premium mode.

Finally, you can earn free words by writing a review on selected platforms. All you have to do is contact them with the screenshot as proof.

Chatsonic Review – Verdict

To summarize my Chatsonic review, it’s still a decent alternative to ChatGPT. Nothing more, nothing less. I see it as a great way to double-check the output and get some additional information.

If I had to choose between them, I’d choose ChatGPT on any day!

Regarding usability, there are some issues when switching between chats and different features. Otherwise, the experience is quite fluid, and I’ll keep it in my virtual toolbox of desired AI tools.

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