Canadian Automotive component OEM Magna to demonstrate Car of the Future at CES using HoloLens



Major automotive component maker Magna International Inc. will be showing off its latest innovations at CES using Microsoft’s most interesting new technology.

Magna will be at CES 2017 using HoloLens to show of advanced technology such as cameras, sensors, LiDAR, and radar systems that enable autonomous driving.

They will also be demonstrating seat sensors that provide continuous feedback to the driver, active aerodynamic fuel efficiency technology and various powertrain architectures from multiple hybrid variants to full electrification.

In addition, the company will showcase its latest ADAS ( Advanced Driver ASsist) innovations and how they are helping automakers reach various autonomous driving levels today and for the future.

Magna supplies auto parts to  General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler, and also more niche companies such as  Tesla Motors.

“We pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation.  We do this by identifying the forces impacting mobility and creating solutions that support the shift in the automotive landscape,” said Swamy Kotagiri, Chief Technology Officer, Magna International. “We are excited to be at CES 2017 to showcase our capabilities and commitment to investing in new ideas that make the driver experience safer and smarter.”

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