Is Brave Search a Good Search Engine? 6 Things to Consider

August 21, 2023
Brave Browser

The history of search engines is a tale of innovation, competition, and, in some cases, obsolescence. Remember Ask Jeeves with its butler mascot or AltaVista, which was once a titan in the search world? These platforms, despite their initial popularity, eventually faded into the background, overshadowed by giants like Google. The reasons for their decline vary: some couldn’t adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape, while others failed to prioritize user needs.

Enter Brave Search. In a world where privacy concerns are increasingly at the forefront of users’ minds, Brave Search aims to carve a niche for itself. It’s not just another search engine trying to dethrone the reigning champions; it’s an engine that promises to put user privacy above all else. Given the pitfalls that previous search engines have faced, can Brave Search succeed where others have faltered? Let’s delve into its features and see how it stacks up.

  • Unique Features:
    • Discussion Tab: For many search queries, Brave Search includes a “Discussion” tab that showcases user discussions from platforms like Reddit.
    • Goggles: This feature allows users to apply filters on websites to find things quicker. For instance, there’s a Goggle titled “No Pinterest” to exclude Pinterest from search results.
    • Local Listings: Brave Search uses OpenStreetMap for mapping and takes business data from various sources, like Yellow Pages in Australia.
    • Summarizer: A feature that summarizes search queries. It’s akin to Google’s Featured Snippets but pulls from multiple sources. However, the feature isn’t perfect and sometimes feels unnatural.
  • Security:
    • User-First Approach: Brave Search prioritizes the user, ensuring no tracking and a focus on privacy.
    • Safe Search Features: Users can adjust the Safe Search settings from off to moderate or strict.
    • Anonymous Local Results: While the engine checks the user’s IP Address for local results, it doesn’t store this data.

1. Privacy First

One of the primary reasons I was drawn to Brave Search is its commitment to user privacy. Unlike some other search engines that track your queries and clicks to build a profile for targeted advertising, Brave Search promises no tracking. This means your search habits remain your own, and you won’t suddenly find ads popping up related to your recent searches.

2. Independent Index

Brave Search is built on its own independent index. This is significant because it means the search results aren’t just repackaged versions of another search engine’s results. The results felt fresh and, in many cases, different from what I was used to seeing. It’s a refreshing change, especially if you’re looking for diverse sources of information.

3. User Feedback for Rankings

Brave Search has introduced a community-driven approach to refining its search results. Users can provide feedback on search results, influencing future rankings. This democratization of search results is a novel approach, and while it’s still in its early stages, it has the potential to make search results more relevant and user-centric.

4. Ad-Free Option

While Brave Search does display ads (it has to sustain itself somehow), there’s an option for an ad-free, subscription-based model. For users who want an entirely ad-free search experience, this is a welcome feature.

5. Integration with Brave Browser

If you’re already a Brave browser user, the integration of Brave Search feels seamless. It’s optimized for the browser, ensuring fast and efficient search results. Plus, with the combined privacy features of both the browser and the search engine, it’s arguably one of the most private ways to browse the web.

6. Still in Its Infancy

It’s essential to note that Brave Search is still relatively new. While it has made significant strides, there are moments when the search results might not feel as comprehensive as more established search engines. However, with its rapid updates and user feedback, it’s continually improving.

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