Just like Meta’s Threads, Bluesky number of users is rising in popularity once again

July 25, 2023

Another so-called “Twitter-killer”, is racking up popularity once again. Bluesky number of users seems to be steadily increasing and has now surpassed 10,000 sign-ups. This significant milestone is particularly noteworthy given the exclusivity of the platform.

According to a post by u/madman320 on the app’s Reddit community, Bluesky experienced its best-performing day since July 4, coming close to reaching 40,000 users. 

Bluesky is seeing an abnormal influx of new users again, thanks to Musk’s decision to rebrand Twitter. Today’s new users already surpass 10,000 and we’re still halfway through the day
by u/madman320 in BlueskySocial

The surge in user activity on that day can be attributed to Twitter’s decision to impose limits on the number of tweets users could see, which led many Twitter users to seek alternative microblogging social media platforms, including Bluesky. If you may remember, Bluesky temporarily halted sign-ups in early June during a big spike but resumed after a few days.

The surge in popularity for Bluesky coincided with Twitter’s rebranding to X. Speculation arose regarding Meta holding the trademark for “X,” but these rumors were debunked. The blue and white X logo was actually associated with Mixer, Facebook’s live-streaming platform, which was shut down in June 2020.

Despite Bluesky’s rising popularity, some users are expressing dissatisfaction with the slow onboarding process. The waitlist for Bluesky has been open since October 2022, but the team is allegedly only sending out invites to 1,000 people per week. As a result, Bluesky’s user base is not as massive as Meta’s Threads, which reportedly surpassed 100 million sign-ups within a week of its release. 

Another Twitter-like platform, Mastodon, is also experiencing a surge. According to one tracker, the platform now boasts a total of 13,6 million accounts, 112,444 of which were made in the last week.

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