Black Ops’ Zombies mode has been unplayable on PC for an entire week


18, 2019

Call of Duty: Black Ops has been suffering from a severe issue on PC; the iconic Zombies mode has been unplayable for an entire week.

Those trying to access the game’s zombies mode on PC are met with an error message instead of being allowed to play. The awesome co-op mode has been rendered unplayable for all players.

To see an example of the error message, check out the video from Eurogamer below.

Despite its age, Black Ops’ Zombie mode is still popular on PC. With a surprisingly large community making fantastic fan-made maps and mods for the co-op mode, it’s also formed a dedicated modding community.

Activision’s director of development has been made aware of the issue. Activision is currently looking into the issue, but no one knows how long it’ll be until a fix is issued.

Gamers on the PCGaming subreddit have found workarounds to access the Zombies mode through console commands. If you’re currently experiencing the issue and want to shoot some undead, check it out.

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