Update: Black Mirror Bandersnatch doesn’t take pictures through your Xbox Kinect


29, 2018


Netflix has commented on the stories surrounding Bandersnatch stating that the rumors are false.

The original poster, Brian Sharon, has since put on Twitter that he was simply making a joke.

Original Story:

Black Mirror’s interactive choose-your-own-adventure Bandersnatch allegedly takes photos of its viewers through Xbox Kinect.

While many don’t have their Kinect set up anymore, especially since newer consoles require an expensive adapter for it, some have kept theirs connected to their Xbox One. While mostly useless at this point in time, some users have noted that the device is active during the viewing of Netflix’s newest Black Mirror episode.

The premise of Bandersnatch is that it’s a choose your own adventure game set in the Black Mirror universe. As you play, you get to choose your own path. There are numerous endings.

While you play, Bandersnatch allegedly takes pictures of your reactions during key moments of the episode and plays them during the credits.

This feature was posted on Twitter by user Brian Sharon who was too embarrassed to share his pictures on social media. For now, there’s no confirmation on this feature.

If you have Kinect and aren’t terrified of being recorded while relaxing and watching Netflix, try it out! We don’t have a Kinect anymore because adapters are expensive, but it’s a cool feature nonetheless.

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