Bing is testing a new design for its Weather widget

Microsoft is testing a new design for the weather widget on The new design looks a lot better than the current design for the weather widget on as it includes a couple of cool animations. According to one of our readers, the new weather widget’s background animates if it’s raining in a city or if the sun is setting which is pretty cool.

The new design also adds a slider which lets you quickly glance at the weather of the whole day and checkout the weather for a certain hour which is pretty neat.

The new widget also introduces a bit of color that makes it look much better than the previous design. Here are a couple of screenshots:

To checkout the new design, simply head over to and type in “weather” or search for the weather in a specific area by typing in  “what’s the weather in California”.

At the moment, it semes like Microsoft is testing the new design with a small group of users. The new design doesn’t seem to be available outside of the United States yet, and you may also not see the new design even if you are in the United States. We’ll let you know when this feature is widely available — in the meantime, let us know what you think of it in the comment section below.

Thanks for the tip, Jovan!