Bing Maps launches new truck-routing service and more

At Build 2017 this year, Bing Maps team announced several new features for developers and enterprise customers.  Bing Maps v8 Control now supports fully customizable map styles that allow developers to reflect their brand colors on the map and show or hide elements as they see fit.

Bing Maps team also announced a new truck-routing service codenamed Project “Johannesburg” for professional transportation. It takes into consideration truck attributes and preferences, such as avoiding strong crosswinds and grounding risks. Read about the other four new services below.

  • Project “Abu Dhabi” previews an advanced implementation of a distance matrix API. Calculating travel times and distances in many-to-many scenarios is often addressed through such distance matrix APIs.
  • Project “Nanjing” provides time-specific isochrones for the most accurate search across time and space. Isochrones describe the area that can be reached given a mode of transportation and predicted traffic at a given time of day.
  • Project “Wollongong” implements an API that allows you to provide a score for the attractiveness of a location based on the number of amenities, proximity to public transit stops or other criteria. You can search by time or distance and also take into consideration the predicted traffic at the time that matters most to you.
  • Project “Hurghada” is a vehicle tracking solution for small to medium sized teams. Through a companion website, you can deploy the solution into your own Microsoft Azure subscription and leverage a mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows phones to track your assets.

Learn more about the new services here.